The Life Cycle of an Email Hack

Posted by Cloud Business on 27-Jan-2017 13:23:18

Everyone has witnessed the effects of an email hack, whether at work or at home. While your risk of being hacked may seem low, the threat to your company’s data is serious. Business email continues to be the primary security threat employers face-specifically, malicious email attachments, spear phishing and ransom ware. 


Azure AD and Microsoft Intune. Using the cloud to modernise enterprise mobility

Posted by Ben Owens on 28-Nov-2016 10:59:36

In the modern workplace employees are increasingly dependent on mobile devices to complete daily work tasks, but with these demands come unique security challenges.


Prepare for OneDrive for Business Deployment

Posted by David Bishop on 14-Nov-2016 14:51:49

OneDrive for Business has had a busy year. Microsoft have delivered a really solid sync client that we now know works in the real world, fantastic mobile apps and the online features keep coming.


5 steps to a successful Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Posted by James Butler on 03-Oct-2016 13:41:27

At Cloud Business, we have managed the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration for thousands of users. This has allowed us to codify our approach into a 5 step procedure. This approach can make a complex migration procedure straightforward and means there are no nasty surprises or down time and lots of happy users!

Here's an overview of our 5 step migration procedure:


Accountants guide to delighting customers with Office 365 in 2016

Posted by James Butler on 28-Sep-2016 12:35:27

When Accountex surveyed 14,000 accountancy clients, these were named as the biggest challenges.


The real reasons users move from Lotus Notes to Office 365

Posted by James Butler on 23-Sep-2016 17:13:02

Here at Cloud Business, we have been helping our customers migrate from Lotus Notes to a modern Microsoft Office 365 workplace for the past 4 years. One of the first questions we ask is, why do you want to migrate? This is important to help plan the migration strategy, timing and the level of user engagement needed to make the transformation successful.


ADFS - 6 Things to know when planning

Posted by Ben Owens on 08-Jul-2016 16:24:32

There are often preconceived ideas around what ADFS provides and whether it is required when you are moving to Office 365.  The below points cover some common conversation that we have with customers.


How to Enable Delve Analytics in Office 365

Posted by David Bishop on 17-Feb-2016 10:35:26

Delve Analytics is available to purchase as an add-on license for Office 365 users or as part of the E5 SKU.

Once you have purchased your licenses and assigned them to your users, there are further steps needed to begin the background data collection.


5 minute cheat-sheet on the Next OneDrive for Business Sync Client

Posted by David Bishop on 03-Feb-2016 09:54:00

Current State

Microsoft released the update to OneDrive late last year that gave business users the option to take advantage of the more stable consumer sync client.


Internet Explorer end of support - what you need to do!

Posted by James Stone on 11-Jan-2016 11:42:00

What does end of support for Internet Explorer mean?

Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical supports and security updates. Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer, and will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes, and technical support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.


AAD Sync Error: Deletion Threshold Reached

Posted by Mike Parker on 08-Dec-2015 10:00:00

I ran into a problem recently with a customer running AAD Connect. When we were trying to Export to the Azure Active Directory, the status of the Connector Operations showed "stopped-server-down".


5 things you didn't know about Office 365 Groups

Posted by David Bishop on 26-Nov-2015 12:30:00

Office 365 Groups are a mixture of the services offered as part of Office 365 and they've got some great potential.

For small businesses I believe Groups functionality can be harnessed right away as an easy to use planning and collaboration space for teams.For larger businesses, Groups don't offer the management or governance settings required and things could quickly get out of control. 


AAD Sync/AAD Connect - Passwords not syncing with attribute filtering

Posted by Mike Parker on 18-Nov-2015 16:01:10

After the release of AAD Sync and AAD Connect (Azure Active Directory Sync and Azure Active Directory Connect) we have noticed several customers using Attribute Filtering are experiencing an error


How to set up a PowerShell Profile

Posted by Mike Parker on 13-Nov-2015 11:54:49
One of my biggest time savers every day is a PowerShell profile I have set up on my machine. Using your PowerShell profile you can save commonly used scripts/commands as functions, create your own shortcuts, or automate things you may do every time you open PowerShell, i.e. logging in to Office 365 Remote PowerShell!Here I will show you exactly how to set up a powershell profile;

The lifecycle of Yammer users on your Office 365

Posted by Victoria Ross on 19-Oct-2015 10:30:00


As an Office 365 administrator, you can activate and control the lifecycle of all of your yammer users on your tenant. You can control everything from the moment that user joins your company until the moment they leave you.


How to send a meeting request and import an ical meeting to Gmail

Posted by Victoria Ross on 28-Sep-2015 13:08:58

Meeting Requests;

Recently I wanted to send out a meeting request to someone by sending them the ical .ics file.


How to set up Skype for Business meetings in Outlook

Posted by Victoria Ross on 01-Sep-2015 12:24:38

At Cloud Business we use Skype for Business for our online meetings all the time. I thought showing you how to utilize Skype for Business would be useful for any Office 365 newbies out there!


Removing External Users from SharePoint Online

Posted by David Bishop on 17-Aug-2015 10:33:00

SharePoint Online makes it extremely easy to share sites, lists, libraries or documents with external parties.


Two things you didn't know about Microsoft Azure

Posted by Mike Parker on 07-Aug-2015 11:00:00

Earlier this year Microsoft made some small but very important changes to Azure which you might have missed.


What you need to know about the cloud

Posted by Victoria Ross on 17-Jul-2015 11:00:00

You might know you are ready for the cloud by coming across the following things in your workplace;


ADFS configuration for User Agent Strings in Chrome & FireFox

Posted by David Sampson on 02-Jul-2015 15:44:00

The supported User Agent Strings for ADFS 3.0 by default do not support Single Sign-On from Third-Party browsers, i.e. Firefox and Chrome. To enable this functionality you can add additional supported User Agent Strings to the ADFS configuration.


Quick Tip - Find users with specific email domain using PowerShell

Posted by Mike Parker on 19-Jun-2015 15:44:00


Do you ever find yourself needing to find users with a specific email domain in Exchange but find yourself battling the correct syntax with the filter command, or waiting ages for it to get through all your objects using the Where-Object command?


Mobile Device Management meets Office 365

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 22-May-2015 12:41:00

As part of enhanced security and compliance features for Office 365, Microsoft have been rolling out a new set of Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities to new and existing Office 365 customers.


Infopedia is launched at Microsoft Ignite

Posted by Brendan Clarke on 15-May-2015 11:50:00

Whilst I worked at Microsoft one resource we all used continually was a knowledge management portal known internally as “Infopedia”. It was a search driven SharePoint portal that allowed you to find information (documents, presentation and experts) on pretty much everything. Back in those days it was a combination of search results and pages that were curated by subject matter experts (a little like WikiPedia).


Sway for Business coming soon to Office 365

Posted by Victoria Ross on 13-May-2015 12:41:00

Sway (a web based interactive presentation tool) has been in preview for a little while now and has been gradually improved until it is starting to look like it could be really useful.

Microsoft announced at Ignite that Sway for business will be released later this month for Office 365 customers*


Enhanced non-delivery reports (NDRs) in Office 365

Posted by Mike Parker on 11-May-2015 16:33:00

Regardless which email system or service you use, when an email message you send can’t be delivered you’ll receive a non-delivery report (NDR), also known as a bounce message. The NDR will tell you the message wasn’t delivered, but after that it’s mostly technical jargon designed more for computer science professionals than for the typical email user. You’re often left to fend for yourself to try to fix the issue, searching the web and posting questions on forums for clues to what’s going on and, more importantly, how to fix it. While advances in technology over the last 30 years have been immense, the state of the art in NDRs is still just an homage to 1982—overly technical and ill-designed for the modern email user. But that’s about to change.


OneDrive for Business news released at Microsoft Ignite

Posted by David Bishop on 07-May-2015 17:37:00

I've been lucky enough to be in Chicago for the Microsoft Ignite conference this week, and here are some points I have picked up about changes to OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft have been talking about their current storage solutions on OneDrive for Business and they have realised the enterprise storage solution isn't enough for what you need. What Microsoft are also doing is changing that.


Outlook for Android now out of Preview!

Posted by Mike Parker on 30-Apr-2015 17:33:00

The latest version of Microsoft's mobile mail application, Outlook for Android, has now been removed from Preview and is live for all users! We have been testing this internally at Cloud Business, and it is a massive improvement on the old OWA app for Android. Please see some of the improvements from Microsoft below, and download from the Google Play Store Now!


Wear Your Own Device - Watch Out?

Posted by James Butler on 28-Apr-2015 14:21:00

At the weekend I was going to watch the filming of a TV Show, the film crew made a big point of asking people to leave their phones in a box before going in. No doubt to prevent photos, awkward ringtones and other impact on filming. Perhaps they should have also asked for watches to be left in the box.... read on....


Introducing Skype for Business

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 24-Apr-2015 18:05:00

With April’s Office update, Lync has become Skype for Business with a new User Interface for the desktop application. The updated experience includes notable updates to improve discoverability of the dial pad, easier access to controls and devices section.


How to use Office on the move

Posted by Victoria Ross on 23-Apr-2015 18:17:00

I understand that when you're out of the office you want to be away from work, but there are some times when you cant really justify not doing any work- just because you're on a 4 hour train journey from London to Manchester.


How to fix issue logging into Office Mobile on Android with ADFS 3.0

Posted by Mike Parker on 22-Apr-2015 13:13:00

There have been some issues identified using Office Mobile Apps on Android devices when using ADFS 3.0 which are caused by the fact that the Android apps don't support Server Name Indication (the ability to run multiple SSL certificates on a single IP address).


File sharing on Office 365 - Top tips for collaboration!

Posted by Victoria Ross on 21-Apr-2015 12:58:00

Office 365 is full of little shortcuts or tips that you might not know if you've not been using it for too long. I would like to highlight my top tip for collaboration on Office 365 that I have discovered after working in an office on the cloud.


Business collaboration using sharing links and Alerts on OneDrive for Business

Posted by David Bishop on 20-Apr-2015 13:35:00

Here are a couple of tips to get the most out of your business collaboration on OneDrive for Business.

Create anonymous download links

OneDrive for Business allows you to create anonymous links for access to individual files however this feature only allows users to view or edit the files in the browser.


Cloud Business recognised for excellence with Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner Status

Posted by James Butler on 09-Apr-2015 13:23:21

Press Release

Surrey, United Kingdom – 9th April, 2015


Tips for using a tablet in the workplace

Posted by Victoria Ross on 25-Mar-2015 15:55:31

Similar to our previous articles on using office 365 wherever you are, it is just as important to see the productivity in using office 365 however you can. The power of the cloud might seem like a dry topic now, but it is as amazing as ever - we couldn't work without it.


Outlook 2013 Single Sign on with Office 365

Posted by David Sampson on 04-Mar-2015 11:54:00


Recently Microsoft announced the release of updates to Office 2013 clients and Office 365 to support new authentication flows enabled by the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). Now this article is a little confusing so what does this actually mean?


How to get the most out of your work when you're away from the office

Posted by Victoria Ross on 17-Feb-2015 18:09:55

After working from home quite often recently, I want to write this blog to help you to know where to start if you've never done it before. I haven't got much experience in working from home, so the first day I ever did seemed quite exciting but equally as daunting. This is probably due to the empowering feeling knowing that my managers trust me to do my job regardless of where I am.


Quick Tip - Error Installing Exchange - "this user isn’t a member of the ‘Schema/Enterprise Admins’ groups."

Posted by Mike Parker on 10-Feb-2015 16:36:00

We have run into an issue several times at customers when preparing for a Microsoft Exchange installation, and thought it would be good to share!


Move from Lync On-Premises to Lync Online!

Posted by Ben Owens on 29-Jan-2015 16:04:00







Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business) has enabled businesses to communicate effectively with instant messaging, voice and audio, along with conferencing interactively inside and outside of their organisation.


Introduction to Windows 10

Posted by Mike Parker on 26-Jan-2015 17:02:00

Microsoft have officially lifted the covers on their new operating system, Windows 10. We have put together a round up of the biggest features announced so far:


Microsoft increase message size limits for migrated mail to 150mb

Posted by Mike Parker on 23-Jan-2015 12:48:00

Microsoft have announced that the message size limit for mail items being migrated to Office 365 has been increased from 25mb to 150mb, making it much easier for organisations who do not currently have message size limits to move their mail into Exchange Online.


Office 365 works better in this weather

Posted by Victoria Ross on 20-Jan-2015 17:20:44

Brrr it's been chilly these last few mornings (-4.5° in Guildford specifically), I'm trying to understand how everything seems to be so much more difficult in the cold weather - getting out of bed, starting the car, driving in snow and ice. It's a fact that life would be much cosier and warmer at home in this cold weather - taking away those first three dreaded (cold) tasks of the day. 'If only I didn't have to commute to work on days like this' we all cry.

With even more severe weather warnings on the news, it is also much safer for your staff to work from home. On the RoSPA website they show that in 2012, "38 people were killed, 544 were seriously injured and 4,584 were slightly injured in reported road accidents on Great Britain's roads when there was snow or ice on the road surface." (Read more here;

Especially if your employees drive for business, it is a safer option to arrive using another form of transport or re-arrange the meeting.

If you have Office 365 however, this is no longer a problem at all. You can work from home as if you were in the office, with all of the office apps available on your dashboard.

Meetings can be held as usual with Lync, either on call mode or video mode, enabling you to still have your important meeting with none of the worry of travelling there.


If you would like to learn more about Office 365 and the help it can bring to your business in adverse weather, give us a ring on 0845 680 8538 or email


We hope you all keep safe in this cold weather!



Merry Christmas!

Posted by Victoria Ross on 24-Dec-2014 13:01:09


From us all at Cloud Business, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. 2014 has been a great year for us here, with new staff and bigger projects, we would like to thank you for being part of it.

We hope your 2015 is a successful year for your company.


Office 365 Security – All you ever wanted to know

Posted by Victoria Ross on 08-Dec-2014 17:50:46

As the world of IT continues to become more connected, security remains a high factor in choosing a cloud service provider.


Your Office 365 portal with Cloud Manager

Posted by Victoria Ross on 05-Dec-2014 18:01:33

How Cloud Manager can help

  • No more PowerShell scripts
  • Compliance with auditing regulations
  • Reporting on your Office 365 tenant
  • Increased helpdesk support efficiency



Displaying SharePoint Online lists to parent or sub-sites

Posted by David Bishop on 28-Nov-2014 17:38:00

Displaying a list web part from a parent site to a sub-site, or a sub-site to a parent site is common requirement. SharePoint Online 2013 allows you to do this by publishing the list to the 'site gallery', at which point it is made available to add as a web part on parent or sub-sites within the same site collection.


Your education centre working towards better learning on Office 365

Posted by Victoria Ross on 24-Nov-2014 12:03:20

Having migrated three of the biggest universities in the country, with over 14,000 seats, to the cloud we at Cloud Business take pride in the fact that we are experts in migrating the educational sector to the cloud.


Office 365 video expected to be deployed worldwide early 2015

Posted by Myles Dawson on 24-Nov-2014 10:21:29

Yesterday Microsoft publicly announced Office 365 video, allowing for easy sharing of videos between other Office 365 users.


QR codes come to SharePoint

Posted by Brendan Clarke on 07-Nov-2014 16:39:31

One great benefit of having your SharePoint in the Office 365 cloud is that you get all the new SharePoint features first. A recent example of this is the addition of the QR codes in the document hover panel. It’s pretty easy to miss, so I've included a screenshot of the new icon (in the red box) below.


OneDrive for Business on Office 365

Posted by Brendan Clarke on 24-Oct-2014 15:23:00

First things first, Microsoft has two products with the OneDrive title, there is OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive is a consumer product. It has no connection with SharePoint or with your work account. It is the kind of place you might store family photos or documents that have nothing to do with work.

OneDrive for Business is something very different. This is a personal storage area for your work files.


Your Fast Start to the cloud with an Office 365 Proof of Concept

Posted by Victoria Ross on 17-Oct-2014 14:07:18


Do you know the potential of your business in the cloud?

A Proof of Concept is a great way to introduce a handful of your team to Office 365 alongside your existing platform. You don’t need to commit to anything other than a 30 day period where up to 25 employees trial it instead of your current system. None of your files are lost on the old system and everything is easily transferable if you get on with Office 365 and want to go ahead with it.


Making the move to Office 365 and why not to feel daunted

Posted by Cloud Business on 22-Jul-2014 15:22:17

Deciding to make the move to Office 365 in the cloud can be a daunting one, not knowing what to expect - especially as we’re all used to using the systems we have, we know how they work, what their capabilities are, and what their quirks are; so why would we ever need to consider a change, we hate change!


Microsoft Increase Office 365 public folder limits

Posted by Cloud Business on 18-Jul-2014 13:40:29

Good News for Office 365 users this week, as Microsoft announce a 10 x increase in allowance for overall number of public folders.


Cloud Business are Expanding The Team

Posted by Cloud Business on 10-Jul-2014 13:31:03

We’re hiring!


Cloud Business - Official G Cloud 5 Supplier

Posted by Darren Roberts on 23-May-2014 18:26:47

Cloud Business are pleased to announce that we have been accepted as an official supplier on the new G Cloud 5 Government Procurement list, for both our award winning Office 365 Cloud Services and Cloud Manager product.


Heartbleed - What you need to know

Posted by Myles Dawson on 15-Apr-2014 14:29:37

You may have heard of the Heartbleed OpenSSL encryption vulnerability over the past week on the news or online; as the severity of leaks are yet to be discovered and exactly what information has been leaked, it’s important to know that personal information across affected services could have been leaked in plain text.

Thankfully, some services have reached out and confirmed that you should change your password for them, these are as follows; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google (Including Gmail and YouTube), Yahoo (and Ymail), Amazon Web Services (This does not include your amazon store account), GoDaddy, Flickr, Netflix, Dropbox, Wikipedia, Github and Wunderlist.

Although the majority of larger sites have patched this issue, it is nonetheless worth not taking any risks with your password. Best practises for ease of password use is to use a service like 1password, Password Box or Keepass and generate a new password for each service you use – if you have reused the same password on multiple sites and one of those sites was vulnerable, you will need to change that password everywhere. It’s not best practise to use the same password for multiple services, anyway.

If you’re concerned about a site not listed above, you can check the servers current status on the vulnerability here and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


Living with the Microsoft Surface RT

Posted by James Butler on 17-Mar-2014 14:22:27

As a long time gadget person, the announcement of the new Surface range was a mix of hope and a little confusion.


Claim Your £3000 Connectivity Voucher!

Posted by Darren Roberts on 06-Mar-2014 14:55:56

Cloud Business can help businesses obtain Government funding towards a better business grade internet connection, with the Super Connected Cities programme.


3D Browsers in the living room

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 05-Mar-2014 09:31:09

Forget the latest version of Internet Explorer. What if your browser jumped out of your screen, into the room you're sitting in right now?


Litigation Hold, In-Place Hold and eDiscovery in Office 365

Posted by David Bishop on 24-Feb-2014 10:44:00


It is often the case that companies will want to protect their email data from being deleted accidentally, or intentionally. Often there are legal requirements for all correspondence to be kept for a number of years.


eSignatures coming to Office 365

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 19-Feb-2014 10:49:01

If your organisation relies on signatures to get business done, then you'll be happy to hear that DocuSign's eSignature apps are going to be integrated into Office 365.


Are you still using Office 2003?

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 07-Feb-2014 17:55:56

Remember 2003? England had just won the Rugby World Cup, Apple just launched something called iTunes and DVDs started to outsell VHS for the first time. Microsoft just unveiled Office 2003, the latest version of the Office Suite.


Southampton Solent University students benefit from email in the cloud

Posted by Clare Salter on 02-Feb-2014 17:30:45




“Cloud Business were very professional in their approach and delivered their design proposal on time and to budget.”

Cloud Business consultancy & migration services for Education

Southampton Solent is a modern and dynamic university providing inclusive, high-quality education to students from across the globe, and has over a hundred and fifty years of history behind it.
Southampton Solent University (SSU) engaged Cloud Business to provide a design for their replacement student email system – from Oracle Email to Office 365.

Cloud Business went on to implement a new student email system on Office 365, using ADFS to provide single sign on.

This project needed to be completed in a short timeframe, less than five months from award of contract to Go Live on August 1st 2013. We rose to this challenge and indeed ensured this delivery date was achieved.

Read the full case study here



New name for SkyDrive announced

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 27-Jan-2014 15:01:41

Since a legal battle over the name 'SkyDrive' between Microsoft and BSkyB, Microsoft announced that they would globally rename SkyDrive, but did not say what that name would be.


New features added to Office Web Apps

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 23-Jan-2014 17:48:30

If you're already using Office 365, then you are probably quite familiar with Office Web Apps - the cloud based versions of Office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Email.


Windows XP end of life - 83 days to go

Posted by Clare Salter on 14-Jan-2014 16:59:21

Windows XP was a very popular choice for businesses upon its launch in 2001.


Back to work blues? no sir, not at Cloud Business

Posted by Clare Salter on 30-Dec-2013 13:43:00

Congratulations, you made it...


Christmas, IT planning and bikes

Posted by Clare Salter on 20-Dec-2013 14:35:25

The team at Cloud Business would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and thank you for reading our blog, we hope you have found it useful.


Cloud IT Support - we have Christmas covered

Posted by martyn.rowlands on 20-Dec-2013 13:21:19
Special recruit to ensure Christmas is covered

Goodbye Windows XP, are you ready?

Posted by Clare Salter on 02-Dec-2013 16:07:44


Accelerate to Office 365

Posted by Clare Salter on 14-Nov-2013 15:21:19

If you are thinking about moving to Office 365, this is an excellent programme to establish your migration strategy if you have over 500 users in your organisation:


Green energy: Microsoft harnesses the wind

Posted by Clare Salter on 04-Nov-2013 16:38:51

Last year, Microsoft announced it would make a commitment to become carbon neutral. The cornerstone of that commitment was an internal carbon fee - designed to increase the company’s costs for using carbon-based forms of energy, hopefully resulting in purchasing more renewable energy and becoming more energy efficient.


Forget Wi-Fi, here comes Li-Fi

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 31-Oct-2013 15:23:57

Superfast broadband is (eventually) being rolled out across the UK, but wireless connectivity speed and experience is also affected by the Wi-Fi router which allows devices to connect to the internet. Some routers can be unreliable, and because signal decreases the further away the device is from the router, can be inconsistent.


Giant Surface 2 Tablet in Trafalgar Square today

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 24-Oct-2013 15:19:24

If you're in London today, you can check out what's going on in Trafalgar Square, where Microsoft have constructed a giant working model of the new Surface 2.


VIDEO: Office 365 roadtrip with Aston Martin

Posted by Clare Salter on 23-Oct-2013 12:23:31

IT and fast cars - take a look at how Aston Martin drives collaboration with Office 365 in this quick video and you can read the full case study.


Pad work: Skydrive Pro for iOS v1.1 app released

Posted by Clare Salter on 21-Oct-2013 16:04:46

If you work from an iPad or iPhone and currently use, or thinking about, Office 365 for business - then we have some good news.

June 2013 saw the launch of SkyDrive Pro for iOS v1.0 app. It enables business users to access and view documents stored in SharePoint Online. Even better news - Microsoft has recently announced SkyDrive Pro for iOS v1.1 app.

SkyDrive Pro for iOS v1.1 introduces a premier mobile editing experience for Office 365 for business users. The documents you work on remain in their original source location, SharePoint Online in Office 365, enabling you to work with your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents - to easily keep track of them, even while on the go. To provide this kind of rich editing experience, Microsoft developed a clear connection between SkyDrive Pro for iOS and other Office-related apps (Office Mobile for iPhone, Office Web Apps, and OneNote for iPhone/iPad).


Learn more about Office 365 for iOS


Webinar: Is Office 365 right for us? Real world examples.

Posted by Clare Salter on 17-Oct-2013 12:59:05

If you are considering your IT options, Office 365 is no doubt on your list as you as you ask yourself: is Office 365 right for us?

Research & comparison can take time, so let us help you come to the best fit decision for your business with our half hour webinar on Office 365, using real world examples.

Cloud Business' Wednesday webinars run fortnightly, and we are kicking off at 3pm on October 30th. Sign up today and get one step closer to your next generation Office in the cloud.




Charities: how to make the most of the latest cloud technology

Posted by Clare Salter on 08-Oct-2013 12:36:12







Is your charity thinking about how to make the most out of licensing perks from Microsoft?

Embrace your office in the cloud, with Office 365, sign up for our webinars on the topic.

Office 365 for Charities - webinar

Cloud Business works with charities, large and small, consulting, assessing, migrating and supporting them, so we understand their common environment, such as:

  • users on the move
  • accessing & working from multiple devices
  • low maintenance & good value service
  • sites in several locations
  • work with external partners and volunteers
  • accountable to your trustees and donor



Office 365 Webinar: how to get started

Posted by Clare Salter on 07-Oct-2013 17:48:35

No matter the size of your business...

Office 365 delivers your office in the cloud.




Just some of the benefits:

includes a 50 GB mailbox per user and shared calendars
best in class Office tools and services
ability to empower your employees who in turn provide a better service to your customers
the latest Office apps
virtually anywhere access to your Office essentials - email, calendars, documents


You can learn more about Office 365 by registering for our 'how to get started' webinars: sign up today


Business life made easier, with Office 365

Posted by Clare Salter on 07-Oct-2013 15:00:25







Had an exciting time in a well known retailer on Oxford Street last week, purchasing a shiny new laptop - retail therapy at its best.

I wanted to start work ASAP, obviously, and as I have an Office 365 account - I could!

Despite my new laptop not coming with Office, I was able to get online, log in to Office web apps and pick up email, work on documents, access and edit work in Sharepoint and best of all I was covered for anti virus with Windows 8.

Since coming into the office my lovely IT team set up 'click to run' Office 365 onto my new device within moments.

ask us how you can get started with Office 365












White space technology in the UK

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 03-Oct-2013 11:50:51

Ofcom have announced trials of 'white space' technology, which aims to boost connectivity across the UK.


Love Lync - how I used this handy communication tool, today

Posted by Clare Salter on 01-Oct-2013 15:49:59

Using Lync to work with a business contact not part of my organisation, not in my office, with ease!


Office 365 Vs. Google Apps for folk in sales

Posted by Clare Salter on 30-Sep-2013 18:37:31
Office 365 vs. Google Apps

Next generation of Surface tablets announced

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 24-Sep-2013 12:12:59

Microsoft have brought their increasingly rapid release cycle to their hardware as well, less than a year after the Surface Pro and RT debuted in October 2012, Microsoft have announced the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro, the upgraded and refined successors to their tablet offering.


Is your business cloud ready? Take our FREE IT review & find out.

Posted by Clare Salter on 17-Sep-2013 14:10:32

It seems new technology emerges minute by minute (new designs, new tools, new ways of working ) and you can be left with the feeling you are being left behind.


Watch & learn about Office 365 & new tech for your business

Posted by Clare Salter on 11-Sep-2013 16:57:00

You probably don't have the time to research and read up on all the technology that's out there for your business.


Lync deployment eases communication in the legal sector

Posted by Clare Salter on 09-Sep-2013 18:07:02
Clifford Chance, Lync & Cloud Business

Exchange Online increase email storage: great value for Office 365 customers

Posted by Clare Salter on 02-Sep-2013 17:17:32

What with the news that Skydrive storage increased earlier in the week and now Microsoft Exchange Online service comes with bigger mailboxes, it seems Microsoft is the gift that keeps on giving.


Office 365 - Productivity in disaster recovery

Posted by Ben Owens on 28-Aug-2013 14:19:00

"Quick, everyone grab your laptop the building is on fire"

Obviously an alarming statement at 9:30am on a Tuesday morning. Luckily for me it wasn't a real fire - just the regular testing of the Cloud Business disaster recovery plan..

With Laptops in hand, we decamped to the nearest coffee shop with free WIFI and before you could say "mines a skinny latte and a large chocolate brownie" I was back online receiving emails, signed into Lync with access to everything I needed to remain productive (albeit slightly distracted by the number of crumbs accumulating on the keyboard).


Disaster recovery - no worries - view from an apprentice

Posted by James Stone on 28-Aug-2013 12:44:50

In times of an office crisis, it's good to know there are places you can go and keep working without disruption. With the availability of free Wifi in cafes, libraries, even your local supermarket, my position in IT support can continue without disruption. The apprentice is learning that hot chocolate can solve everything, even potential office disasters.


Everyone is out of office!

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 28-Aug-2013 12:21:40

Unusually for a Wednesday morning, no-one is currently in our office in Guildford. There isn't a fire, and we haven't all been struck down by the flu, it's our disaster recovery scenario! Unlike last time, this was a planned (although secret) scenario for the office, so we all quickly unplugged our laptop chargers and moved over to our coffee shop of choice, to get connected and back online in about 5 minutes (minus queuing for tea and coffee).


SkyDrive Pro Storage Increase

Posted by David Bishop on 28-Aug-2013 11:35:53

SkyDrive Pro for Office 365 is increasing the default storage from 7gb to 25gb today. This is a great improvement and it doesn't stop there:

Administrators can assign users 50gb and 100gb limits if they have sufficient storage available in their tenant pool.

SkyDrive Pro allows you to sync 20,000 documents to your desktop and this latest increase in storage will greatly benefit those who need to work from 3g/4g, or in no signal areas where offline syncing is required.

Microsoft is making it far easier to access those files that are shared with others. Users will have an additional link in their SkyDrive Pro sites called 'Shared with Me', this will take users to all documents that they have permission to access. This saves you time searching through colleagues accounts and gives you instant access to Team Site libraries that you have access to.

For more info follow this link.


Windows 8 To Go - PC in your pocket

Posted by James Butler on 28-Aug-2013 11:31:37

Carrying around a company laptop or moving between two computers can be a real pain for users and IT. As well as the physical weight and space, there are obvious targets for thieves and data theft.


Coffee and Cake, testing your DR scenario

Posted by Rob Potts on 28-Aug-2013 11:31:30

On the rare occasion someone in your office does start 'madly' waving their arms in the air declaring a state of emergency and the immediate evac of your office it's good to have your disaster recovery scenario nailed down.


Newsletter: Office 365 top tips

Posted by Clare Salter on 21-Aug-2013 17:42:21







In case you missed the Cloud Business newsletter last week - here are our tips for Office 365.

Of course if you ever have a question, we would love to hear from you.

  • Add apps to your email - You can now add apps such as Bing Maps, Linkedin and Task Creator to Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App (OWA, part of Office 365 web portal)
  • Take Outlook Web App offline - You can now launch Outlook Web App (OWA) in the browser and start working even if there is no network connectivity. The work you do while disconnected is automatically synchronized the next time connectivity is restored. This allows you to be productive using OWA even when you have no network connectivity. It also makes OWA faster and a better experience from remote locations with slow or intermittently connected networks
  • Office Mobile for Android - now available for Office 365 subscribers. As part of your Office 365 subscription, the new Office Mobile for Android phones app is now available to you and your colleagues! With Office Mobile, you can access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from your Android phone
  • NewsFeed new feature to Office 365 - Make work more sociable with the NewsFeed - similar to a Facebook wall you can post links, pictures and videos, mention people and share ideas
  • New Powerpoint with Office 365 2013 - Presenter view, slide zoom, slide navigator, free templates plus the PowerPoint Blog has every tip you'll need to help help you with your presentations on all versions of Powerpoint
  • Sharepoint document sharing - sharing a document without copying and pasting an ugly url - if you've noticed the 3 ... beside your documents, click on them, and hit share, Invite recipients, select their permissions on your document, and there is a space to type a message too - hit 'share' and your recipient will get a nicely packaged email - like this


Learn more: user and admin training with Cloud Business

Our remote or on site training (whatever suits you best) has two clear benefits, for both a user and admin - we can tailor a package to suit you.
  • Expertise: rather than finding out the hard way, learn from seasoned Office 365 experts
  • Time: use your time wisely, one day’s worth of research and knowledge packaged up is a smart approach to working with Office 365


Smart IT Support your business can rely on

Our monthly managed support clients benefit from our excellent support team, our team manage your IT, so you don't have to. We can organise ad hoc support covering the same services:

  • Server Support
  • Windows Intune Support
  • Mac & Windows Support
  • Outlook Support
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Network Support
  • Office 365 Support



Office 365 - Office mobile for Android phones is here!

Posted by Clare Salter on 14-Aug-2013 19:35:04




As part of your Office 365 subscription, the new Office Mobile for Android phones app is now available to you and your colleagues! With Office Mobile, you can access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from your Android phone.

Here’s how to download on Android:

  • Access Office Mobile for Android at the Google Play store
  • Click on Office Mobile and download from Google Play
  • Once installed on your phone, log in with your Office 365 username and password


Office Mobile is now available on the Windows Phone, the iPhone and on Android phones.


Customer stories - Empire Cinemas: licensing costs cut by 50% with cloud email solution

Posted by Clare Salter on 09-Aug-2013 11:57:28

Empire Cinemas engaged Cloud Business to deliver a more flexible, cost-effective email solution for its corporate and operations staff at cinemas across the United Kingdom (UK).


Making unread emails in Outlook 2013 more obvious

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 06-Aug-2013 18:29:00

If you've upgraded to Outlook 2013 recently, and like me, find that you want to make unread messages more obvious, then follow the three simple steps below.


Get started with Office 365: Architecture & Design sessions

Posted by Clare Salter on 30-Jul-2013 19:02:29
Get started with Office 365
Microsoft's on-line productivity suite,

Power BI, Office 365 & WPC13

Posted by Clare Salter on 08-Jul-2013 18:01:04

It only seems like yesterday that James and Matt were at WPC12 in Toronto, waving the flag for Cloud Business and picking up the award for Office 365 Partner of the Year, Worldwide.


Microsoft interview Cloud Business on their successful partnership

Posted by Clare Salter on 07-Jun-2013 14:07:35
Microsoft partners have hit a big milestone. There are now more than 125,000 us, and Cloud Business were proudly awarded the Office 365, Partner of the year, worldwide.
James and Mark were recently interviewed by Microsoft on their successful approach to positioning, delivering & supporting Office 365. Read the full interview: A Big Milestone for Microsoft Cloud Partners

BYOD, remote working & 1.3 billion reasons to do it

Posted by Clare Salter on 04-Jun-2013 14:12:51

Remote working is very much 'on trend'. In fact, the analyst firm IDC believes the mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion by 2015. BYOD (bring your own device) is also firmly on the radar. Both trends can promote trust, flexibility and productivity and it is not an approach only destined for the tech savvy.


Cloud Events: Education, Housing and Growth

Posted by Clare Salter on 20-May-2013 16:32:12
Cloud Business Events

So long Hotmail, hello

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 07-May-2013 12:01:03

Hotmail - end of an era

Hotmail moves to

Microsoft's 'flat design' is anything but

Posted by Clare Salter on 30-Apr-2013 11:48:26

Cloud Business is more than used to and already enjoys Microsoft's flattening of design - it is part of our world when using and migrating clients to Office 365's suite of tools, from the intelligent IM & conferencing tool Lync down to our Window's phones. Flat design has a beautiful simplicity to it.


Customer Success Story: Empire Cinemas & Office 365

Posted by Clare Salter on 16-Apr-2013 17:50:19

Empire Cinemas engage Cloud Business for Office 365 Migration

Empire Migrate to Office 365 with Cloud Business

Office 365 Webinar for FE

Posted by Clare Salter on 16-Apr-2013 16:33:59

Due to popular demand, we have booked in our next Microsoft co hosted Office 365 Webinar, for FE.


Office 365, 2013 - what's new & how to upgrade

Posted by Clare Salter on 02-Apr-2013 13:12:47
Office 365|2013: What's new?

Taxi! Mark works anywhere, anytime, in the Office 365 Taxi!

Posted by Clare Salter on 26-Mar-2013 19:28:37

Mark Bryant, had the complete Office 365 'work from anywhere' experience today.


Office 365 planning - Architectural Design Sessions

Posted by Clare Salter on 19-Mar-2013 17:32:02

We are seeing a large uptake in our ADS service for clients in stage 1 of migrating to Office 365. Take a look and get in touch for more detail.

[download id="5"]


Wearable Computing Connected to the Cloud

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 13-Mar-2013 16:02:58

Wearable computing is looking like it will be the next big thing, with the hype around Google Glass and the rumoured Apple iWatch filling tech blogs and national papers alike, how these devices will be connected is vital to their success.


Webinar: Why Further Education should consider Office 365

Posted by Clare Salter on 11-Mar-2013 13:10:39

Cloud Business and Microsoft have teamed up once again to advise the Further Education sector on the benefits of Office 365 for colleges and their students.


Learn: Microsoft 'Cloud Strategy' Webinar - Thurs 7th March

Posted by Clare Salter on 04-Mar-2013 17:23:53

Want to learn more about Microsoft's Cloud Strategy?


University pilots Virtual Classrooms with Office 365

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 25-Feb-2013 13:23:33

This university in Thailand is the first to have adopted Office 365.


The Benefits of Cloud for Business: start-ups, SMEs, enterprise & profitabilty

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 25-Feb-2013 13:11:03

A study by academics at the University of Manchester, sponsored by Rackspace, has proved that in a large survey of businesses, cloud computing has provided significant benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


IT Support and Cloud savings: calculate your costs

Posted by Clare Salter on 11-Feb-2013 17:56:11
  • Do you run or work for an SME?
  • Is IT costing more than you expect?
  • Is your support supportive?



Smart IT Support: try before you buy

Posted by Clare Salter on 06-Feb-2013 16:36:59

SMART SUPPORT: IT Support that you can try before you buy.

  • We are aware that finding the right IT support for your business can be tricky

  • We are confident you will LOVE our 5* team on Cloud Business IT Support Helpdesk

  • We will give you 30 mins FREE support to try before you subscribe monthly

Quote ‘smarties’ and call 08456 808539 or email: and arrange your session.


Webinar: Office 365 - Upgrade Benefits for Education

Posted by Clare Salter on 30-Jan-2013 17:16:45



Cloud Business Events: Charity Get Together - register today!

Posted by Clare Salter on 24-Jan-2013 12:43:36

Do you work for a charity? Do you know you can make massive IT savings?


33% of UK consumers are Cloud aware

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 22-Jan-2013 17:37:33

Cloud videos: learn more - Office 365, Security, Cloud Manager

Posted by Clare Salter on 14-Jan-2013 13:39:27

If you know you should be thinking about cloud, learning about it, researching it, but don't have enough hours in the day, then these short videos might do the trick. We have a collection of videos for you covering some pearls of cloud wisdom and know how:


Snow day: can you work from anywhere?

Posted by Clare Salter on 14-Jan-2013 12:55:05
Snow day. With office 365 you can work from anywhere.

Video: Simple administration of Office 365

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 07-Jan-2013 13:38:38

Whilst moving to the cloud for Office applications has meant that IT administrators don't have to worry about servers or licensing, it has created another challenge - making user management in the cloud as hassle-free as possible.


From the award to the apprentice: Cloud Business, 2012

Posted by Clare Salter on 07-Jan-2013 13:19:59

Safe to say 2012 has been a great year for Cloud Business. I've asked the team for their top moments; their highlights for the business, our clients and how innovative technology has changed business from enterprise to the sme for the better. I've also asked them for their predictions, tips and what you should be looking out for, so check out that post next!


Cloud 2013: what to look out for, from 4G to next gen Office 365

Posted by Clare Salter on 04-Jan-2013 16:14:51

Cloud is on everyone's lips, so it is good to be in the know and what to look out for in 2013, so we have put together our list:


News: Plugging business into the cloud

Posted by Clare Salter on 04-Jan-2013 16:03:11

James, our CEO, is featured this month in a leading publication 'South East Business Magazine' in a section called 'The Boss'.


News: Financial Mail on Sunday recognise Cloud Business' growth

Posted by Clare Salter on 31-Dec-2012 01:12:22

Cloud Business in the Press:


SMBs using Gaming Tools for Innovation

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 22-Dec-2012 00:50:01
The Kinect

When Microsoft launched the Kinect as an addition for the Xbox 360, few would have predicted how successful the vocal recognition and motion tracking camera would be, not just for gaming, but beyond it as well. With the blessing of Microsoft, developers, researchers and companies have used the Kinect for a wide variety of purposes.


Skydrive App for Xbox

Posted by David Bishop on 11-Dec-2012 18:50:39

Skydrive is now available as an xbox app, allowing you to upload content and view it on your tv via the console.


Azure price reductions

Posted by Rob Potts on 07-Dec-2012 16:18:30

There’s good news for organizations using Windows Azure, there’s a substantial price drop on the way which follows on from the price reductions as of March this year. This will go some way to ensure Microsoft’s service remains competitive with similar Amazon and Google offerings on the price front.


Live@edu Upgrade Update

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 06-Dec-2012 09:52:15

By September 2013, all Live@edu customers will need to complete the upgrade to Office 365 for education. Microsoft will start to schedule your institution for the upgrade soon. By completing the upgrade process prior to the scheduled date, you control the upgrade timeline.


Exchange Online Send Limit raised to 10,000 recipients

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 04-Dec-2012 15:32:28

One of the most annoying features for businesses using Office 365 for Email are the limits imposed for number of recipients a single user can send mail to within a 24 hour period.


Cloudbusiness are now a Microsoft AER

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 03-Dec-2012 18:22:53

Cloudbusiness are pleased to announce that we are now a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller.


What is cloud? and other questions...

Posted by Clare Salter on 03-Dec-2012 17:46:34

We get asked about cloud a lot.


Top reasons to buy Office 365

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 28-Nov-2012 15:34:33

Microsoft® Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping to save time and money and to free up valuable resources.


Running your own email server... the true cost?

Posted by

We are regularly asked to compare the value of using the cloud vs running in house services.


Education IT staff review Microsoft Surface

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 22-Nov-2012 16:02:26

How would Surface fit in to an education environment?


Using NFC around the office

Posted by Jacob Uzzell on 21-Nov-2012 15:31:31

One of the first questions that visitors to the office have is 'what's the Wi-Fi password?'


James, our CEO, contributes as Cloud expert in video debate

Posted by Clare Salter on 20-Nov-2012 15:48:00

The produce regular business tech debates online - the latest topic being: Cloud computing and business security.


Surrey Director recognises Office 365 award

Posted by Clare Salter on 20-Nov-2012 15:17:17

Our Office 365 Commercial Partner of the Year of the award has been reported on by leading local business publication, Surrey Director. Have a quick read - our CEO, James Butler, will be grinning up at you too, added bonus.


Musings from a Technical Mind

Posted by Clare Salter on 19-Nov-2012 17:29:37

Cloud Business' technical consultant, David Sampson, spends a lot of time thinking and musing about the cloud. I have convinced him put pen (keyboard) to paper (screen) and write a tech focused blog covering some of the gems he comes across during migrations and other such technical shenanigans. If you want to learn how to bend an F5 (who doesn't) then keep up to date with all of David's technical know how here:


Windows to Go

Posted by Andrew.Phethean on 16-Nov-2012 15:35:43

Windows-to-Go is a feature in Windows 8 that now allows you to install your operating system on your USB device. This gives you the ability to take you computer anywhere you want in your pocket.
Windows-to-Go is a fully manageable corporate Windows 8 environment, it is intended to allow enterprise administrators to provide users with an imaged version of Windows 8 that reflects the corporate desktop and as such is aimed at enterprises.


Shape the Future

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 14-Nov-2012 14:43:52


Cloud Changed My Life

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 09-Nov-2012 17:30:26

Yesterday was a busy day at CloudHQ, we were filming a video case study (with a difference).


Skype to replace Windows Live Messenger

Posted by David Bishop on 07-Nov-2012 22:51:17

Microsoft has announced Windows Live Messenger will disappear from computer screens early next year, forcing most users to switch to Skype - the VOiP application that Microsoft acquired in 2011.


We have The Knowledge - Surrey Life Magazine

Posted by Clare Salter on 30-Oct-2012 14:21:32

James Butler, CEO at Cloud Business is featured in this month's Surrey Life Magazine. James was asked to share his secrets, along with other prominent business folk in Surrey, on lessons learned so far in his career. James has learnt a thing or two in his time establishing and running Cloud Business. Read what he has to say: Surrey Life magazine - The Knowledge


Windows 8 Public Release

Posted by David Bishop on 26-Oct-2012 18:50:50

Windows 8, yes it's here and ready for the public. The release brings a visual overhaul to previous versions of the system and can be controlled entirely by touchscreen, by mouse and keyboard, or a combination of both.


SMBs can compete with Enterprise

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 24-Oct-2012 11:57:35

SMBs can be on the same operating level as larger enterprise organisations - Implementing the right cloud solution can reduce costs and increase strategic advantage.


Exciting New Office Web App Features coming to Office 365

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 23-Oct-2012 10:21:10

From today all Office 365 customers will begin to see the latest Office Web App features, these are visable when working with attachments and documents within Sharepoint and Exchange Online.


SMB Cloud Cost Calculator

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 17-Oct-2012 13:55:47

We now have a fab little calculator which enables you to see right away the cost savings your business can make moving to the cloud.


Microsoft Surface - now available on pre-order

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 17-Oct-2012 12:17:05

Really exciting stuff - Microsoft Surface is now available for pre-order with prices starting at £399 (inc VAT), for delivery by 26/10.


New Sharepoint Online Features

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 17-Oct-2012 11:15:09

As part of the continuous evolution for the Online service platform, Microsoft has released two new specific features for Sharepoint Online.


Intune Video: use the cloud to manage your security & updates

Posted by Clare Salter on 16-Oct-2012 17:21:56

Do you have a lot of laptops users who are always out the office? Is it a struggle to keep them up to date with software upgrades, windows updates etc? Windows Intune can help you to manage them more easily. Using the cloud, Intune will:


Internet of things revolution

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 15-Oct-2012 15:42:21

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has predicted there will be as staggering 25 billion devices online by 2020 as the internet of things revolution takes off...


Innovative charities

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 08-Oct-2012 12:06:16

Charities that innovate by trying newer technologies like cloud computing can improve their service provision and potentially save money too


Still room for other Smart Phones

Posted by Rob Potts on 05-Oct-2012 17:02:00

Before I go any further I admit to owning both a Windows Phone 7.5 and an Old iPhone 3G and I enjoy using both devices (just not at the same time, that's just difficult).


The Cloud - tips, myths and why it can be better for your business

Posted by Clare Salter on 02-Oct-2012 14:12:53

The cloud is not new, you probably encounter the cloud everyday - internet banking, your personal email, online storage, online music & entertainment, online shopping - the theme being 'online'. You probably enjoy it, it's easy, cost effective, always on, visible...the same can be said when using the cloud to run IT for your business.


Nokia Lumia 920

Posted by James Butler on 27-Sep-2012 10:07:00

The Nokia 920 will be upon us in November and it's looking good. The phone will run the Windows Phone 8 operating system with a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor and will be sporting the first HD screen from Nokia. The 4.5" display, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage will help Nokia compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. The phone will also offer 7gb of Skydrive storage and an 8.7MP camera.


James is published in Cloud Security - what every small business needs to know

Posted by Clare Salter on 21-Sep-2012 23:55:35

There isn't much our James doesn't understand about the cloud and the team at Cloud Business approach the cloud using their expertise and forward thinking business centric solutions. Cloud Business work with organisations across all sectors and of all sizes, from SMB's to Enterprise - customer stories - and we particularly understand how the SMB does not want to make costly mistakes and if they migrate to the cloud they will need to choose a partner who will carefully assess, consult and plan before taking action.


Charities in the cloud

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 18-Sep-2012 13:35:53

Access IT systems from anywhere - Removes administrative burdens allowing you to be more productive and concentration on core business. Great news for Charities. More charity news coming soon.


Microsoft announces Office 2013, Office 365 pricing for Consumers and Small Business

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 18-Sep-2012 12:24:00

In a further push for Office 365 sees Microsoft’s pricing strategy for Office 2013 favour the subscription based Office 365 model. Whilst still offering shrink wrapped copies of Office the restrictions and cost will make businesses and consumers think twice about the subscription model of Office365.


Bring Your Own Device for Enterprise

Posted by James Butler on 18-Sep-2012 10:45:00

An interesting article on how to adopt BYOD in the Enterprise.


Surrey 'best connected county in the UK'

Posted by Olivia.Alexander on 13-Sep-2012 10:49:50

Great news for Cloud Business (and other local businesses and homes), as BT are planning to make Surrey the ‘best-connected’ county in the UK, with improved broadband speeds of up to 80Mbps, compared to the current average of 7.4Mbps.


Windows Intune Update

Posted by David Bishop on 10-Sep-2012 15:35:00

Windows Intune has been updated and includes some new features, including:


The Office 365 Partner of the year award arrives at cloud HQ

Posted by Clare Salter on 10-Sep-2012 14:57:29

Recently our CEO and Technical Director travelled to Canada to pick up the WPC2012 partner of the year award for Office 365. There is a picture of Matt receiving the award from Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Partner Group, Jon Roskill.


And the cloud gets bigger

Posted by Clare Salter on 03-Sep-2012 16:31:53

Monday at Cloud Business has even more buzz than normal thanks to our ever growing team. I'll take a quick moment to warmly welcome David Sampson and Andrew Phethean. David will be consulting on Office365 and Andrew is tasked with business development so that more organisations can take advantage of the cloud like our current clients. More to follow on David and Andrew once they have settled in.


How secure are your people?

Posted by James Butler on 08-Aug-2012 16:36:00

When choosing a new IT product or service, clients often cite security as a primary part of their decision. So they should too, a business's data often represents the lifeblood and survival of that organisation.


Here come the girls! Cloud Business welcomes Melanie and Olivia

Posted by Clare Salter on 06-Aug-2012 17:30:09

Melanie Young – Business Support Administrator


We have moved...

Posted by melanie.young on 06-Aug-2012 14:37:52

Hi everyone, please note our new address is -


Windows Azure

Posted by David Bishop on 24-Jul-2012 10:46:00

I’ve recently discovered Microsoft’s Windows Azure and find it a fantastic idea. The service offers a platform to build, test and host applications on the internet and allows you to do so on a pay-as-you-go basis. Azure allows you to execute applications in 3 ways – on virtual machines, as a website or as a cloud service. Azure enables you to create the platform you need in an instant, for example, creating a virtual machine requires little more than a few clicks to select the specifications you require and you have a machine ready to use. From there, the possibilities are endless and I think Azure will be an extremely useful tool.


Cloud Manager, plus updates to our products and services

Posted by James Butler on 20-Jul-2012 17:27:00

Cloud Manager our definitive, simple and quick to use product for managing your BPOS subscription has recently undergone an overhaul and is now available for Office365 customers. I’m sure there’s already plenty of sales information on our website about what Cloud Manager is and what it does, so to summarise it allows admins (and none admins alike, with permissions) to manage simple Office365 tasks without the need for PowerShell commands or logging into the Office365 Portal, and admins can track any changes made which is something you cannot do in the Portal or PowerShell.


We use CRM, you should too !

Posted by James Butler on 19-Jul-2012 13:05:18

Do you have issues....


Microsoft announce the new Surface Tablet

Posted by James Butler on 19-Jul-2012 12:51:00

This is now getting interesting in the device market.


Cloud Business Recognised as 2012 Microsoft Office 365 Commercial Partner of the Year Award

Posted by Clare Salter on 17-Jul-2012 15:06:30

Guildford, UK June 2012 - Cloud Business proudly announced it has won the 2012 Microsoft Office 365 Commercial Partner of the Year Award. The company was honoured among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in selling and deploying Microsoft Office 365.


Cloud Business' new office

Posted by Clare Salter on 17-Jul-2012 14:53:38

[gdl_gallery title="Cloud Biz Map" width="IMAGE_SRC" height="IMAGE_HEIGHT" ]

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