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Azure AD and Microsoft Intune. Using the cloud to modernise enterprise mobility

November 28 , 2016

In the modern workplace employees are increasingly dependent on mobile devices to complete daily work tasks, but with these demands come unique security challenges.

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Prepare for OneDrive for Business Deployment

November 14 , 2016

OneDrive for Business has had a busy year. Microsoft have delivered a really solid sync client that we now know works in the real world, fantastic mobile apps and the online features keep coming.

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5 steps to a successful Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

October 03 , 2016

At Cloud Business, we have managed the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration for thousands of users. This has allowed us to codify our approach into a 5 step procedure. This approach can make a complex migration procedure straightforward and means there are no nasty surprises or down time and lots of happy users!

Here's an overview of our 5 step migration procedure:

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Accountants guide to delighting customers with Office 365 in 2016

September 28 , 2016

When Accountex surveyed 14,000 accountancy clients, these were named as the biggest challenges.

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The real reasons users move from Lotus Notes to Office 365

September 23 , 2016

Here at Cloud Business, we have been helping our customers migrate from Lotus Notes to a modern Microsoft Office 365 workplace for the past 4 years. One of the first questions we ask is, why do you want to migrate? This is important to help plan the migration strategy, timing and the level of user engagement needed to make the transformation successful.

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ADFS - 6 Things to know when planning

July 08 , 2016

There are often preconceived ideas around what ADFS provides and whether it is required when you are moving to Office 365.  The below points cover some common conversation that we have with customers.

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