Back to work, planning a return to the office for IT teams

Posted by Cloud Business on 07-Sep-2020 14:43:54

As we discussed in a recent blog post on how to keep remote employees connected and collaborating successfully, not all organisations can or want to return to the office as lockdown measures are eased. But for those that do, there are things the IT team should consider to enable a successful transition.


Keeping remote employees connected and collaborating successfully

Posted by Cloud Business on 02-Sep-2020 14:49:52

The government are launching a ‘back to work’ campaign to encourage and reassure employers and employees that it’s safe to return to the office environment.


Cyber security controls to protect your remote workers

Posted by Cloud Business on 03-Aug-2020 15:42:54

IT teams have without doubt played a heroic role in enabling business as usual for many organisations, rapidly deploying remote working for thousands of users and keeping the lights on.


Microsoft Teams versus Zoom, and the winner is…

Posted by Cloud Business on 14-Jul-2020 10:48:41

Ever since the world went into lockdown, businesses, employees and students stuck at home have been relying on internet-based video calling platforms.


Supercharge remote working & save money with a cloud telephony system

Posted by Cloud Business on 01-Jul-2020 16:03:45

Covid-19 and remote working has highlighted a key issue with traditional PBX telephone systems, they prevent rather than enable businesses agility. 


GDPR Assessment and Data Discovery Service

Posted by Cloud Business on 25-Jun-2020 12:38:32

Cloud Business is pleased to announce the launch of our new GDPR Compliance Platform powered by eSpyder.  


Your modern workplace and the benefits of a cloud-based phone system

Posted by Cloud Business on 23-Jun-2020 12:46:51

The last few months has seen many businesses have to find creative ways to manage day-to-day activities like their telephony systems.


Renewal of outsourcing contracts: IT service providers

Posted by Cloud Business on 18-Jun-2020 11:14:52

Choosing the right IT partners has never been more important. Most businesses have relied heavily on their IT service provider (or MSP) over the last few recent months, especially for support transitioning users from the office to remote working.


Do you really know where your sensitive data (PII) resides?

Posted by Guest Author on 16-Jun-2020 10:20:39

Last month we 'celebrated' the anniversary of GDPR legislation becoming legally enforceable. 2 years on, a lot has happened. Some of which, as our guest blogger Tim Dunn explains below, may have distracted some organisations from gaining real visibility over their sensitive data and PII.


Microsoft Teams mobile app and a post-Covid-19 world

Posted by Cloud Business on 11-Jun-2020 13:48:24

Even before Covid-19 many companies and organisations were moving towards a more mobile workforce with flexible and remote working. In just a few weeks, Covid-19 has accelerated that trend and we’re now in an era where flexible and remote working is no longer seen as a perk, it’s normal.


A to Z of GDPR Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

Posted by Cloud Business on 09-Jun-2020 13:57:19

A key component of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the ‘Right of Access’. This is your right, and mine, to obtain a copy of all personal data a company or organisation processes and stores. 


Out of Office etiquette in a remote working world!

Posted by Cloud Business on 03-Jun-2020 18:41:32

In the pre-COVID-19 working world, one of the most self-explanatory and welcome acronyms you could come across was ‘OOO’. ‘Out of office’ – a simple message on your email account letting co-workers and acquaintances know that you’d be away from your desk for a period of time.


Are your remote workers GDPR compliant?

Posted by Cloud Business on 28-May-2020 15:02:49

Rapid deployment of remote working to address the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in many B2C businesses failing to meet their own GDPR policies and data protection practicesWhile the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has stated that it “won’t penalise organisations that we know need to prioritise other areas or adapt their usual approach during this extraordinary period” this extension won’t last forever. Companies need to ensure they know what data they hold and where it resideson premise and remotely, the pandemic is not an excuse for non-compliance. 


Remote working, VPNs and DDoS attacks

Posted by Lee Duke on 19-May-2020 17:35:23

Covid-19 and the lockdown has dramatically increased the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). At the beginning of 2020 most organisations would have had the majority of users connecting to the network locally, and just a handful of remote workers connecting via a VPN. Since March 23th that dynamic has changed, with the majority of users now relying on remote connectivity for work. 


Is the future modern workplace remote-first?

Posted by Cloud Business on 05-May-2020 17:01:03

Recent events have demonstrated the ability of technology to scale and adapt, and now a remote-first approach is gaining credibility amongst business leaders.


Best practice for Microsoft Teams meetings

Posted by Cloud Business on 22-Apr-2020 15:24:02
  • Are you struggling to host or participate in online meetings on Teams?
  • Do you find it’s hard to get your voice heard because people keep interrupting?
  • Or share content effectively without people seeing the state of your desktop or witness how many Facebook notifications you receive every 5 minutes?!
  • Are you reluctant to use your webcam because you’re working from home and it doesn’t look very professional?

If you and your team haven’t quite got to grips with using Microsoft Teams for meetings, here we provide some practical tips for managing and participating in them more effectively, and Teams meeting etiquette.


Your virtual workplace: keeping morale and productivity high during lockdown

Posted by Cloud Business on 14-Apr-2020 14:24:36

As we enter week 4 of lockdown here in the UK, the task now for many companies who have rapidly deployed remote working is to keep morale and productivity levels high. It appears that we have another 3-4 weeks of lockdown before restrictions ease; and even then, it’s unclear when we can all return to business as usual.


Now everyone’s remote working it’s time to address network security

Posted by Cloud Business on 07-Apr-2020 17:38:13

For many businesses the last few weeks have been spent firefighting as business continuity plans are rapidly enacted and remote working is deployed.


Positive behaviours for successful remote working

Posted by Cloud Business on 25-Mar-2020 15:45:32

The Internet is awash with technical advice for remote working. From what collaboration tools to deploy such as Office 365, Teams, Zoom, Slack etc., to how to get better visibility on who’s accessing your network remotely and how to secure mobile devices.  


Facilitating remote working with Microsoft Teams

Posted by David Bishop on 10-Mar-2020 11:55:15

We recently shared a blog post about planning for wide-spread remote working should the government shutdown schools or restrict movement to contain / delay the spread of coronavirus.


Coronavirus, planning for wide-spread remote working

Posted by Cloud Business on 05-Mar-2020 15:40:27

As it’s looking more likely, but not definite, that coronavirus will become an epidemic here in the UK, many companies are assessing their collaboration technology and reviewing remote working options.


Is your network cloud ready?

Posted by Cloud Business on 03-Mar-2020 14:16:29

In the excitement of migrating to the cloud and transforming your organisation into a high performing digital workplace, some important factors can get overlooked. Not least your network which will be critical performance and security once you’ve migrated.


5 reasons you need Out-of-Hours IT Support

Posted by Cloud Business on 27-Feb-2020 18:18:00

Increasingly companies are extending their IT service desks to offer users out-of-hours IT support. The infographic below explores the 5 key drivers which our clients most often cite as their reasons for outsourcing to a global service desk. Does your organisation have a requirement for out-of-hours IT support? Have a look to see…


ISS World ransomware attack – who’s next?

Posted by Lee Duke on 25-Feb-2020 12:50:31

Earlier this month we learned that ISS World had suffered a ransomware attack in which 500,000 employees were affected. At the time ISS World published this update on Twitter:


Cloud migration top tips #getITrightfirsttime

Posted by Cloud Business on 13-Feb-2020 12:57:43

The benefits of cloud migration are well documented. UK cloud spending rates are set to rise 2.8% from 2019 to 2022, with 11.5% of IT spending being for cloud services by 2022, as more organisations reap the productivity, agility and financial benefits of cloud migration.


How to get buy in for cloud migration

Posted by Cloud Business on 06-Feb-2020 18:34:39

As an IT manager you know why migrating to the cloud is a good idea. But it can be difficult to convince senior business leaders that they should invest in cloud migration.


Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, how we’re all working smarter

Posted by Cloud Business on 30-Jan-2020 18:18:43

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming workplaces around the world, helping employees work smarter and improving their performance. But in many cases you’re probably not even aware that the tools you use deploy AI technology.


Did you miss the notification? Support for Windows 7 has ended

Posted by Cloud Business on 21-Jan-2020 18:52:53

Last Tuesday (14th January) was a momentous day in the computing world when support for Windows 7 ended. For most organisations this was old news, they had already enrolled in Microsoft 365 or upgraded to Windows 10.


Network Managers are in the firing line

Posted by Cloud Business on 17-Jan-2020 12:52:39

Are you a Network Manager? Do you sometimes feel like you’re facing a firing squad of threats and demands coming from all directions, not least the threat that should a breech occur the responsibility lies with you?


What the modern workplace should look like in 2020, and why it doesn't

Posted by James Butler on 08-Jan-2020 18:04:51

You may have noticed that we’ve re-energised our blogging recently with more content about the digital workplace, and increasing productivity, collaboration, agility and all those wonderful benefits digital transformation can deliver.


Generation Z will transform the workplace over the next decade, how will you support them?

Posted by James Butler on 23-Dec-2019 12:43:37

Over the next decade Generation Z, those born in the mid to late 90s, will be entering the workplace in large numbers and disrupting the way we work well into the future.


How to benchmark cloud migration service providers

Posted by Cloud Business on 18-Dec-2019 12:29:05

Comparing cloud migration providers is not easy. Not least because on the surface we all seem to do the same thing, deliver the same value and at a comparable price.


How workplace sustainability trends will shape 2020

Posted by James Butler on 10-Dec-2019 15:42:06

Sustainability in the workplace has moved up the agenda rapidly over the last 12 months. Environmental consciousness is at an all-time high, with activists like Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion protestors raising awareness. 


Do you need cloud support?

Posted by Cloud Business on 04-Dec-2019 12:57:04

Many organisations migrate to cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint to reduce the cost of running on premise IT systems and servers.


Will 2020 be the year of the paperless office?

Posted by James Butler on 28-Nov-2019 12:56:02

Digital technology has long been hyped as the route to a paperless office.


How to create a happy workplace and boost employee engagement

Posted by James Butler on 19-Nov-2019 13:17:11

Breakout areas with foosball tables, beer Fridays and yoga classes at lunchtime are just some of the many HR recommendations for creating a happy workplace.


Microsoft Intune integration makes BYOD more secure

Posted by Cloud Business on 18-Nov-2019 16:54:30

Microsoft Intune, the mobile device management (MDM) solution, has been a key enabler of the BYOD revolution for many organisations.


Cloud Business presents surface365

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 18-Apr-2018 12:10:03

Cloud Business are pleased to introduce our new offering - surface365. This complete solution offers a device, software and IT support for a fixed monthly cost.


What is SharePoint? A Quick Introduction to Its Most Useful Features

Posted by Cloud Business on 26-Feb-2018 10:09:37

SharePoint is a server environment from Microsoft which makes collaborating on and sharing documents within an organisation much easier. This makes it an incredibly resourceful application when working on projects in groups.


Video: 5 Office 365 Apps You May Not Know About

Posted by David Bishop on 01-Feb-2018 14:22:17

There are lots of Office 365 management tools that can help you increase your productivity and embrace digital transformation. In our latest video, we take a look at some of the Office 365 apps which are empowering users to work more efficiently. 


How a complete company directory can make Office 365 even better

Posted by Cloud Business on 08-Nov-2017 15:33:52

Office 365 has played an enormous role in digital workplace transformation. It’s given you a more efficient IT setup, cut down the time you spend on admin, let your employees work remotely and protected you from the latest cyber threats. But a complete company directory can make it even better.


How to get started with Microsoft Azure

Posted by Cloud Business on 16-Oct-2017 12:17:44

Not sure how to get started with Microsoft Azure? Well good news, it can be easier than you think. By thinking about things like goals, security and budgets before you start using Azure, you can ensure you’ll get the most out of it. Here are several tips for getting started with this cloud platform.


How Digital Transformation is Changing the Workplace for the Better

Posted by Cloud Business on 10-Oct-2017 14:51:56

Last week, we held our Digital Productivity in the Workplace Seminar. There was a lot of great insight into how tools like Office 365 are changing the workplace for the better. 


What you didn’t know about Office 365

Posted by Cloud Business on 03-Oct-2017 14:51:34

You probably use it to send emails in Outlook and save dates in your Calendar. But did you know you can use other Office 365 apps to do so much more?


'Digital Productivity in the Workplace' Seminar

Posted by Cloud Business on 17-Jul-2017 10:29:24

Get bigger profits, happier customers and more productive employees.

We’re hosting a free breakfast seminar to help you experience the benefits of a digital workplace. The seminar takes place at the Harbour Hotel in Guildford on Thursday 5 October, from 8:30 - 11 a.m.

3 quick and easy ways for your business to go green

Posted by Cloud Business on 12-Jun-2017 12:19:02

With so many different products and services available at market, going green can make your business stand out. It has never been more important to separate yourself from the competition, and even if you're not the worlds most eco friendly company, small green changes to your business can help your bottom line and make a difference to the planet.

We understand that putting solar panels on your office roof (although very environmentally friendly!) may not be the easiest first step on your eco-friendly journey, that's why we've compiled 3 quick and easy ways for your business to go green:


DocuSign is now part of our Digital Productivity Portfolio

Posted by Cloud Business on 30-May-2017 11:29:21

Cloud Business is pleased to announce the addition of DocuSign - the global market leader in e-signature solutions to our cloud services portfolio.

As digital workplace experts, we specialise in helping our clients harness digital productivity within their working environments. DocuSign's Digital Transaction Management and eSignature services are proven to play a pivotal role in increasing productivity within the Digital Workplace, especially in an Office 365 user environment.

Are my Office 365 files at risk of infection by Ransomware?

Posted by David Bishop on 24-May-2017 10:49:46

Cyber attacks have been on all of our minds since the recent WannaCry ransomeware on the NHS. However, it is important to remember that ransomware attacks can affect any size business and cause a multi-plus of problems. Infected data can become inaccessible and pave the ransom fuel for further attacks of this nature. In this post we will look at the risks when storing file data in Office 365 and what can be done to protect your Office data.


Guide to a Typical SharePoint Intranet Project

Posted by Jack Humphrey on 15-Mar-2017 14:05:16



What is an 'intranet-in-a-box' ?

Posted by Jack Humphrey on 13-Mar-2017 10:54:24

You have heard of SharePoint and its capabilities as an enterprise tool to boost productivity and facilitate collaboration. An intranet-in-a-box is a set of templates and functionality that transforms the out-of-the box SharePoint experience. The new intranet-in-a-box revolution is set to bring corporate intranet technology within the grasp of SMBs. Many of these intranet solutions have sophisticated features such as a news publishing process, social media capabilities, Business Intelligence (BI) reporting functionality and come designed for enhanced mobile collaboration.


The Life Cycle of an Email Hack

Posted by Cloud Business on 27-Jan-2017 13:23:18

Everyone has witnessed the effects of an email hack, whether at work or at home. While your risk of being hacked may seem low, the threat to your company’s data is serious. Business email continues to be the primary security threat employers face-specifically, malicious email attachments, spear phishing and ransom ware. 


Azure AD and Microsoft Intune. Using the cloud to modernise enterprise mobility

Posted by Ben Owens on 28-Nov-2016 10:59:36

In the modern workplace employees are increasingly dependent on mobile devices to complete daily work tasks, but with these demands come unique security challenges.


Prepare for OneDrive for Business Deployment

Posted by David Bishop on 14-Nov-2016 14:51:49

OneDrive for Business has had a busy year. Microsoft have delivered a really solid sync client that we now know works in the real world, fantastic mobile apps and the online features keep coming.


5 steps to a successful Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Posted by James Butler on 03-Oct-2016 13:41:27

At Cloud Business, we have managed the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration for thousands of users. This has allowed us to codify our approach into a 5 step procedure. This approach can make a complex migration procedure straightforward and means there are no nasty surprises or down time and lots of happy users!

Here's an overview of our 5 step migration procedure:


Accountants guide to delighting customers with Office 365 in 2016

Posted by James Butler on 28-Sep-2016 12:35:27

When Accountex surveyed 14,000 accountancy clients, these were named as the biggest challenges.


The real reasons users move from Lotus Notes to Office 365

Posted by James Butler on 23-Sep-2016 17:13:02

Here at Cloud Business, we have been helping our customers migrate from Lotus Notes to a modern Microsoft Office 365 workplace for the past 4 years. One of the first questions we ask is, why do you want to migrate? This is important to help plan the migration strategy, timing and the level of user engagement needed to make the transformation successful.


ADFS - 6 Things to know when planning

Posted by Ben Owens on 08-Jul-2016 16:24:32

There are often preconceived ideas around what ADFS provides and whether it is required when you are moving to Office 365.  The below points cover some common conversation that we have with customers.


How to Enable Delve Analytics in Office 365

Posted by David Bishop on 17-Feb-2016 10:35:26

Delve Analytics is available to purchase as an add-on license for Office 365 users or as part of the E5 SKU.

Once you have purchased your licenses and assigned them to your users, there are further steps needed to begin the background data collection.


5 minute cheat-sheet on the Next OneDrive for Business Sync Client

Posted by David Bishop on 03-Feb-2016 09:54:00

Current State

Microsoft released the update to OneDrive late last year that gave Office 365 users the option to take advantage of the more stable consumer sync client. This also links within SharePoint, an enterprise tool to boost productivity and facilitate collaboration.


Internet Explorer end of support - what you need to do!

Posted by James Stone on 11-Jan-2016 11:42:00

What does end of support for Internet Explorer mean?

Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical supports and security updates. Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer, and will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes, and technical support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.


5 things you didn't know about Office 365 Groups

Posted by David Bishop on 26-Nov-2015 12:30:00

Office 365 Groups are a mixture of the services offered as part of Office 365 and they've got some great potential.

For small businesses I believe Groups functionality can be harnessed right away as an easy to use planning and collaboration space for teams.For larger businesses, Groups don't offer the management or governance settings required and things could quickly get out of control. 


The lifecycle of Yammer users on your Office 365

Posted by Cloud Business on 19-Oct-2015 10:30:00

As an Office 365 administrator, you can activate and control the lifecycle of all of your yammer users on your tenant. You can control everything from the moment that user joins your company until the moment they leave you.


Removing External Users from SharePoint Online

Posted by David Bishop on 17-Aug-2015 10:33:00
SharePoint has many different variations. Along with the others, SharePoint online makes it extremely easy to share sites, lists, libraries or documents with external parties.

Two things you didn't know about Microsoft Azure

Posted by Cloud Business on 07-Aug-2015 11:00:00

Earlier this year Microsoft made some small but very important changes to Azure which you might have missed.


ADFS configuration for User Agent Strings in Chrome & FireFox

Posted by David Sampson on 02-Jul-2015 15:44:00

The supported User Agent Strings for ADFS 3.0 by default do not support Single Sign-On from Third-Party browsers, i.e. Firefox and Chrome. To enable this functionality you can add additional supported User Agent Strings to the ADFS configuration.


Quick Tip - Find users with specific email domain using PowerShell

Posted by Cloud Business on 19-Jun-2015 15:44:00


Do you ever find yourself needing to find users with a specific email domain in Exchange but find yourself battling the correct syntax with the filter command, or waiting ages for it to get through all your objects using the Where-Object command?


Mobile Device Management for Office 365

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 22-May-2015 12:41:00

As part of enhanced security and compliance features for Office 365, Microsoft have been rolling out a new set of Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities to new and existing Office 365 customers.


Infopedia is launched at Microsoft Ignite

Posted by Brendan Clarke on 15-May-2015 11:50:00

Whilst I worked at Microsoft one resource we all used continually was a knowledge management portal known internally as “Infopedia”. It was a search driven SharePoint portal that allowed you to find information (documents, presentation and experts) on pretty much everything. Back in those days it was a combination of search results and pages that were curated by subject matter experts (a little like WikiPedia).


OneDrive for Business news released at Microsoft Ignite

Posted by David Bishop on 07-May-2015 17:37:00

I've been lucky enough to be in Chicago for the Microsoft Ignite conference this week, and here are some points I have picked up about changes to OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft have been talking about their current storage solutions on OneDrive for Business and they have realised the enterprise storage solution isn't enough for what you need. What Microsoft are also doing is changing that.


How to fix issue logging into Office Mobile on Android with ADFS 3.0

Posted by Cloud Business on 22-Apr-2015 13:13:00

There have been some issues identified using Office Mobile Apps on Android devices when using ADFS 3.0 which are caused by the fact that the Android apps don't support Server Name Indication (the ability to run multiple SSL certificates on a single IP address).


Business collaboration using sharing links and Alerts on OneDrive for Business

Posted by David Bishop on 20-Apr-2015 13:35:00

Here are a couple of tips to get the most out of your business collaboration on OneDrive for Business.

Create anonymous download links

OneDrive for Business allows you to create anonymous links for access to individual files however this feature only allows users to view or edit the files in the browser.


Outlook 2013 Single Sign on with Office 365

Posted by David Sampson on 04-Mar-2015 11:54:00


Recently Microsoft announced the release of updates to Office 2013 clients and Office 365 to support new authentication flows enabled by the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). Now this article is a little confusing so what does this actually mean?


Quick Tip - Error Installing Exchange - "this user isn’t a member of the ‘Schema/Enterprise Admins’ groups."

Posted by Cloud Business on 10-Feb-2015 16:36:00

We have run into an issue several times at customers when preparing for a Microsoft Exchange installation, and thought it would be good to share!


Displaying SharePoint Online lists to parent or sub-sites

Posted by David Bishop on 28-Nov-2014 17:38:00

Displaying a list web part from a parent site to a sub-site, or a sub-site to a parent site is a common requirement. SharePoint Online 2013 allows you to do this by publishing the list to the 'site gallery', at which point it is made available to add as a web part on parent or sub-sites within the same site collection.


Litigation Hold, In-Place Hold and eDiscovery in Office 365

Posted by David Bishop on 24-Feb-2014 10:44:00


It is often the case that companies will want to protect their email data from being deleted accidentally, or intentionally. Often there are legal requirements for all correspondence to be kept for a number of years.


SMBs using Gaming Tools for Innovation

Posted by Cloud Business on 22-Dec-2012 00:50:01
The Kinect

When Microsoft launched the Kinect as an addition for the Xbox 360, few would have predicted how successful the vocal recognition and motion tracking camera would be, not just for gaming, but beyond it as well. With the blessing of Microsoft, developers, researchers and companies have used the Kinect for a wide variety of purposes.

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