Prepare for OneDrive for Business Deployment

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Posted by David Bishop on 14-Nov-2016 14:51:49
David Bishop


OneDrive for Business has had a busy year. Microsoft have delivered a really solid sync client that we now know works in the real world, fantastic mobile apps and the online features keep coming.

The new sync client is also on the cusp (in preview now and going GA by the end of this year) of being able to sync your team folders from SharePoint to your local device.

What does this mean?

It means there is one sync client for all your work data and your personal data. It means Office 365 is more capable than ever of allowing you to migrate from an on-premises file server to the cloud, and I can safely say that getting user adoption is a whole lot easier. Plus post deployment support of OneDrive will not scare the helpdesk.

If you choose to deploy OneDrive to your business, the control of data and access will need to be defined. There are a host of options already available to us, some just aren't visible through the Office 365 portal. They are however easily configured using simple PowerShell cmdlets.

Considerations include: 

  • Sharing permissions
    • Can users share externally?
    • Should external user be required to sign in?
  • How sharing invitations and links appear to end user
    • Set the default sharing links
  • How to keep a record of all external sharing invitations
  • OneDrive clean-up and retention settings
    • How long should deleted user data be stored for
    • Grant Managers access to a users' OneDrive when they leave
  • End user notification settings
    • Email alerts for invitation acceptance and when others share your files
  • OneDrive group policy deployment settings
    • Control OneDrive update release schedule
    • Block Groove.exe from being used
  • Exclusion of File Types for synchronisation

We have created a OneDrive governance document that will allow you to quickly record the options available and references on how to configure these options.

One Drive Governance guide


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