Quick Tip - Find users with specific email domain using PowerShell

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Posted by Cloud Business on 19-Jun-2015 15:44:00



Do you ever find yourself needing to find users with a specific email domain in Exchange but find yourself battling the correct syntax with the filter command, or waiting ages for it to get through all your objects using the Where-Object command? The following one-liner quickly produces a list of users who's primary email address is a specific domain.

 In order for you to find users using powershell, all you need to do is enter this command;


Find a Mail User

Get-MailUser -Filter { WindowsEmailAddress -like "*@example.com" }

Find a Mailbox

Get-Mailbox -Filter { WindowsEmailAddress -like "*@example.com" }



Using the above command you can quickly collect a list of users, export them to CSV using | Export-CSV or copy your data straight to the clipboard using | clip and post it into your documents/files.


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