Cyber security controls to protect your remote workers

Posted by Cloud Business on 03-Aug-2020 15:42:54

IT teams have without doubt played a heroic role in enabling business as usual for many organisations, rapidly deploying remote working for thousands of users and keeping the lights on.


GDPR Assessment and Data Discovery Service

Posted by Cloud Business on 25-Jun-2020 12:38:32

Cloud Business is pleased to announce the launch of our new GDPR Compliance Platform powered by eSpyder.  


Do you really know where your sensitive data (PII) resides?

Posted by Guest Author on 16-Jun-2020 10:20:39

Last month we 'celebrated' the anniversary of GDPR legislation becoming legally enforceable. 2 years on, a lot has happened. Some of which, as our guest blogger Tim Dunn explains below, may have distracted some organisations from gaining real visibility over their sensitive data and PII.


Are your remote workers GDPR compliant?

Posted by Cloud Business on 28-May-2020 15:02:49

Rapid deployment of remote working to address the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in many B2C businesses failing to meet their own GDPR policies and data protection practicesWhile the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has stated that it “won’t penalise organisations that we know need to prioritise other areas or adapt their usual approach during this extraordinary period” this extension won’t last forever. Companies need to ensure they know what data they hold and where it resideson premise and remotely, the pandemic is not an excuse for non-compliance. 


Remote working, VPNs and DDoS attacks

Posted by Lee Duke on 19-May-2020 17:35:23

Covid-19 and the lockdown has dramatically increased the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). At the beginning of 2020 most organisations would have had the majority of users connecting to the network locally, and just a handful of remote workers connecting via a VPN. Since March 23th that dynamic has changed, with the majority of users now relying on remote connectivity for work. 


Now everyone’s remote working it’s time to address network security

Posted by Cloud Business on 07-Apr-2020 17:38:13

For many businesses the last few weeks have been spent firefighting as business continuity plans are rapidly enacted and remote working is deployed.


ISS World ransomware attack – who’s next?

Posted by Lee Duke on 25-Feb-2020 12:50:31

Earlier this month we learned that ISS World had suffered a ransomware attack in which 500,000 employees were affected. At the time ISS World published this update on Twitter:


Network Managers are in the firing line

Posted by Cloud Business on 17-Jan-2020 12:52:39

Are you a Network Manager? Do you sometimes feel like you’re facing a firing squad of threats and demands coming from all directions, not least the threat that should a breech occur the responsibility lies with you?


Microsoft Intune integration makes BYOD more secure

Posted by Cloud Business on 18-Nov-2019 16:54:30

Microsoft Intune, the mobile device management (MDM) solution, has been a key enabler of the BYOD revolution for many organisations.


The Life Cycle of an Email Hack

Posted by Cloud Business on 27-Jan-2017 13:23:18

Everyone has witnessed the effects of an email hack, whether at work or at home. While your risk of being hacked may seem low, the threat to your company’s data is serious. Business email continues to be the primary security threat employers face-specifically, malicious email attachments, spear phishing and ransom ware. 


Mobile Device Management for Office 365

Posted by Matthew Garrett on 22-May-2015 12:41:00

As part of enhanced security and compliance features for Office 365, Microsoft have been rolling out a new set of Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities to new and existing Office 365 customers.

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